FM Audits 360°

Discover our comprehensive facility audit services, meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of the Facility Management industry. Our range of FFL audits are crafted to standardize service delivery, enhance Net Promoter Score (NPS), pinpoint service gaps, and ensure compliance with EHS, energy, and food safety standards. At FFL, we present unique audit offerings

Service Assurance

This service is tailored to assess service standards and delivery against defined SLAs through Service Measure, Self-Performance and Service Gap identification. It’s ideal for organizations prioritizing Facilities Management service quality, aiming to stay ahead of the curve, and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of their service delivery processes.

The Audits are specially designed for organizations managing services across multiple facilities and geographies, and engaging multiple service partners.


Our Service Assurance menu includes following packages:

Service Assurance 365: Our special package for facilities that avail 52 audits in a year & it includes offerings of surprise & planned audits

Service Assurance 52: Audits includes a combination of weekly & Fortnightly audits

Service Assurance 12: Audits comprising of monthly & quarterly audits

Specialized Audits for EHS

Specialized audits designed to ensure compliance with Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) standards, assess hazards and risks (HIRA), and develop and validate workflows and PERCOW processes. These audits are essential for organizations where health and safety are business critical.

Specialized Audits for Food Safety

Specialized audits for food safety are designed to assess compliance with food safety standards, hygiene practices, and operational compliance.


FM Future Labs’ facility audits are a valuable tool for organizations that are looking to improve their performance, standardize service delivery, and comply with EHS, energy, and food safety standards.


Our FFL audits are scheduled and calendarized, enabling clients to plan efficiently and ensure necessary resources are available. Our audits are carried out using digital applications, these audits are conducted by facility management specialists and subject matter experts (SMEs) for EHS, food, and beverage. Elevate your service standards, ensure consistent delivery, and identify areas for improvement with FFL’s Service Assurance audits.


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